A good tri bike can give you an edge in your next Ironman, as it goes beyond what a standard road bike can provide. Tri bikes featured in this list go beyond what’s possible with aerobars.

Getting the right bike for a time trial or triathlon can be more challenging than buying the best road bike. There are a lot of details involved in choosing a bike, and it can be hard to keep track of all of them if you have no experience with bike technology.

There are many types of triathlons that you can choose from, and if you plan on participating for the first time, then a sportive might be the right choice. This type of event is non-competitive, allowing you to focus on the experience instead of worrying about being disqualified.

If you plan on participating in a triathlon, you might also want to consider getting a fitness wearable. These are similar to running watches but are geared toward multi-disciplined athletes. We have featured several of these on our list of the best triathlon watches. Besides a bike, you might also want to consider getting a fitness wearable that will keep track of your next race. These are similar to running watches but are geared toward multi-disciplined athletes. We have featured several of these on our list of the best triathlon watches.


The Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0 is a great bike for a very reasonable price. This is because the company is known for providing high-quality products at a great price. The Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0 features a light and compact frame that is ideal for short distances. Its setup includes a groupset and a set of wheels. Canyon is also known for its high-quality products. The company is so confident that you will like the bike that it offers a six-year warranty. Its own bike guard box ensures that the bike is ready to ride when it arrives. The design and construction of the Speedmax CF 8.0 have been thoroughly analyzed to ensure that it performs well and provides the best possible comfort. The Fizik Mistica is a triathlon-inspired saddle that features a wider and shorter nose and non-slip materials on the top.


The ultra-fast Ribble Ultra Tri is built with the same frame as the bike used by professional riders. This bike is designed to be fast The full carbon frameset of the Ribble Ultra Tri has been thoroughly analyzed to ensure that it provides the lowest possible aerodynamic friction. This feature will allow you to ride the 56-mile section of the Ironman 70.3 comfortably. The Ultra Tri groupset comprises various components, such as the brake pads and the wheels. The cockpit and stem are made by the company, and the bars and the wheels are also made by the company. The wheels are equipped with Continental Ultra Sport 2 tires and the Aksium Clincher wheels. The thick profile of the Ultra Tri and the additional storage units it features make it susceptible to side wind. However, since it’s light, it shouldn’t affect your riding experience much.


The Cervelo P-series is one of the company’s more affordable tt bike models. Although the 105 Disc is the cheapest model in the P-series, it will set you back over $3,000, making it unsuitable for people who only need a tri bike once a year. The P-series is designed for long-distance triathletes looking for a bike designed from the ground up to meet their needs. This bike features a bento box, a rear seat hydration mount, and a downtube bottle. These features allow you to keep your water bottles on you while riding. The P-series is also designed to provide a bumpy ride due to its increased torsional and bottom bracket stiffness. This feature will allow you to use less energy on vibrations. According to Cervelo, the P-series is more aero than the P3. In a wind tunnel test, the company claims that the bike was 26g faster than the P3.


The Felt IA Series has won the World Championship five times in the last six years. The Advanced Rim Brake model is the entry into this prestigious family. The 2020 model features an all-carbon frame and a groupset made from a 105 R7000. In addition, the company introduced the Textreme frameset for the entry-level model of the series. Compared to the Boardman and Canyon entries, this bike is lighter. It also comes in under 10 kilograms, which is quite impressive considering all the tech involved. The company also included a BTS storage pack, which is an aerodynamic compartment, in the package. This will allow you to store various items inside this bike’s body, such as food and drinks.


The company’s Timemachine Two is a competent tri bike that features a groupset that’s made from 105. It’s also equipped with a pair of Barend shifters that are very well-designed. These two components make shifting in aero positions much easier. The Timemachine Two’s frame is made from flat and fat components, which helps reduce drag on the road. Its dual-position seatpost also allows riders to customize their riding position. The company claims that the hidden brake booster feature of the Timemachine Two helps increase the brake-lever-pull ratio. This feature is also designed to allow riders to disconnect the cockpit from the bike while riding. Although it’s not a beginner’s bike, the Timemachine Two is still suitable for experienced riders due to its rigid carbon frame and Barend shifters. It also comes with a variety of features that are designed for experienced riders.